Finally moved!

I have moved house recently and also upgraded my phone so hopefully I will feel like sharing more ha ha. I have also lately discovered a love of painting and crafting. I always enjoyed making things and yet in the last few days have tried
dress making and made fairy doors and painted then as well as old ornaments from charity shops. Might not be a career move but hey it’s keeping me out of trouble! If I knew how to share images from my phone I would lol


10 years experiance

Today i have spent most of the day on facebook talking to people from my year at school and organising our 10 year reunion. Obviously i have stated a few times about my being an author now and feel i have peed people off sufficiently lol. But it got me to thinking what i can say i have accomplished in the last 10 years and surprisingly enough even to myself, its a lot. Its amazing the things you forget about yourself after you have done them. But my life over the last 10 years really sounds like it should be centrefold in a glossy magazine!

I left school in a very strange place in 2004, and at the time i had nonidea what i wanted to do with my life nor did have many qualifications. Looking back i guess i was at a cross roads, do i go left down the flowery path or right down the stormy path? Which ever path i chose be it left or right i have experienced both storms and flowers the same as everyone else has. But here is my last 10 years in a nutshell.

I left school with nothing, spent a few weeks deciding what next and eventualy made my way to the local college and a paid for myself with 2 different jobs. Cashier at the local pizzeria and an assistant at The Nail Emporium. 2 years later i left college with hairdressing qualifications, nail treatment qualifications, key skills qualifications, smaller course qualifications such as art and aromatherapy and ear piercing etc, and i also had a bun in the oven! Yes i left college early due to being so unwell while pregnant and forced at 18 into motherhood by an infertile partner! (I know, i darent look at men anymore!) it was a difficult concept to grasp but i have to agree with every other mother on the planet when i say laying eyes on my boy for the first time just took my breath away conpletely. 2 years later (and 1 day) i had his little brother (while on the pill might i add) but unfortunatly for reasons out of our control the relationship with their father ended. When i started seeing someone else i quickly became pregnant again (while on 2 different forms of contraception AND the morning after pill!) and everything moved at the speed of light for a few weeks getting ready for yet another arrival!
But the excitement didnt last long, the pregnancy was the worst and i suffered swollen ankles, numerous false alarms, low blood sugar, at 28 weeks i was taken into hospital with premature labour and when they gave me the drugs to stop it me and baby had a bad reaction. We were very scared. It was christmas eve when they finaly let me go but that was only because they were quarentining the ward against swine flu because of a few patients with it.
On christmas day i was back in by ambulance and having a monitor to find out if i had had a heart attack! I was diagnosed with pneumonia and swine flu the next day and put on bed rest. We nearly didnt make it. Jessica was born 6 days early via C-section. And can you believe thats when hell broke lose??
It took 6 months just to get a definate diagnosis for her rare condition and 8 months to find any kind of support at all. Nobody could give us answers or actualy tell us what was happening at all. I became depressed, obsessed with finding answers and guilty because i thought it was my fault. The doctors said “Jessica has Achondroplasia.” And we knew nothing about what that was. Eventualy i found support groups who not only explained things but helped put my mind at ease about so much. I began to work hard to raise awareness. I wrote ideas for pamphlets and booklets and thought of ideas to make raising awareness more fun and exciting so people REMEMBERED it. Thats when Awake Again was born. Since then i have had 2 books published and plan many many more, and i became a single mother of 3 amazing children who inspire me every single day to keep following my dreams.

So you see, when i sit back and think “jeez im so boring going to bed at 8pm on a saturday night!” In actual fact im just trying to get over the emotional roller coaster the last 10 years has brought on.

A not so boring life

Well i dont post much because i figure nobody wants to hear about my ‘boring’ life being a single mother of 3 young children. But as i deactivated my facebook account i realised people DO want to hear the boring parts. Within 24 hours people were threatening to hunt me down if i didnt reactivate my account and share recipes and methods!
I am a very crafty mum, and on this lovely christmas eve i plan to make biscuits, chocolate bars, cookie cups, snow globes, christmas cards alsorts with my children before bedtime and its all i can think about. Im more excited than the children and on facebook it is all i have been able to talk about. Yesterday i deactivated because of personal reasons with my ex partner. But today i see people are just as interested as i am in the mundane and boring recipes and methods of playing with kids. So today i will posting photos, recipes and methods of what in doing with my kids as well as some tips tonight to wnhance the magic of christmas, there will be santa foot prints, growing candy canes, alsorts of cool and funky ideas for this amazing christmas. 🙂

Merry Christmas!




I finally have a nice photo of my tattoo so far, to be honest its hard work getting a nice picture of your back. no seriously give it ago. ha ha doesn’t work so well!

im quite happy with my tattoo, its one of my three so far and is not nearly finished yet. it defines me, it makes me unique, it means I like tattoos lol

I just really wanted to share this to break through all the seriousness 😀

The words of a stranger.

Have you ever noticed how there are far fewer nice people than nasty people? If not for the internet i dont think i would know very many nice people at all!
My own views are that the nice people are the ones that you can make fun of and they will sit back and think about what you have said before retaliating, own up to it if it is true or laugh and give worse back if its not. To me a nice person is someone who when i do something out of character doesnt hurl abuse behind my back but comes to me and says “whats going on? Whats wrong?”. To me a nice person is that woman on the other end of the world that i only speak to online, instead of that woman down the street i see everyday. I have so many nice people to talk to online that i get scared i will never leave my house again! This world is becoming a very scary place, but with nice people like the ones i know out there it is just about bearable. So next time your thinking of helping someone, go that extra mile when you do it. Everytime i feel like giving up and throwing in the towel someone nice pops up with “hey 🙂 how are you??”and i can smile again.

Do onto others as you would have done onto yourself! (That applies to everyone except kinky people, thats a discussion for another time ha ha)

Authors are gods.

I suffer with insomnia and while trying my best to sleep one night I had the sudden realisation that authors are actually a lot like gods. In fact when you add in the fact that God is meant to have created the world we live in, and hardly anyone believes in his existence yet great writers like J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien created entire fantasy realms and other worlds and everybody KNOWS they exist, why I would even go as far as to say authors have MORE power than any god. If you think about it realistically the god thing has already been done and there will never be a bible number two. It will never be changed or added to much at all! And if god exists he sure isn’t doing to much about making sure people keep believing in him.

But authors? They have the ability to create worlds and universes never before heard of, they can discover things that never really existed and make things happen that will never really happen. Its truly mind blowing just how limitless things really are in life.


I am an author, and I make the unthinkable things happen through the power of a pen. Isn’t that fascinating??